One giant leap for agriculture as farmers look to space

February 15, 2023

Nestled deep in the industrial and commercial centre of a major metropolitan city, a vertical farm has sprouted indoors and its backers are reaching for the stars. Researchers based in Melbourne’s Docklands are working with the space agency NASA...[Read More]

Mixed outlook for agriculture in 2023

December 14, 2022

It’s a mixed outlook for agriculture in the coming year, with grains and lamb expected to perform well while the number of dairy farmers leaving the industry takes a toll. Rural Bank’s 2023 outlook also listed global economic challenges and...[Read More]

How Green Hydrogen Could End The Fossil Fuel Era [TED Talk Video]

November 2, 2022

  As climate change accelerates, finding clean alternatives to fossil fuels is more urgent than ever. Social entrepreneur Vaitea Cowan believes green hydrogen is the answer. Watch as she shares her team’s work mass producing electrolyzers —...[Read More]

Electric car tax cuts welcome, more wanted

October 26, 2022

Federal budget tax cuts for electric cars and moves to create a national electric vehicle charging network in Australia have been welcomed by motoring and environmental groups overnight. The policies could shave $4700 off the cost of buying an...[Read More]

Expert finds short cut to emissions target

October 19, 2022

Australia can meet its emissions reduction target and ease its biodiversity crisis if it decides to end logging in native forests, a leading climate scientist says. Professor Brendan Mackey, who has co-authored reports for the Intergovernmental...[Read More]

Big Battery ‘more useful than big banana’

September 21, 2022

Australia can’t become fully powered by renewable energy without storage to support wind and solar, industry warns. South Australia’s Hornsdale Power Reserve was the world’s first Big Battery, since overtaken by a larger plant in...[Read More]

Farmers ‘big winners’ in UK trade deal

September 21, 2022

Australia’s agricultural sector would be the big winner in a new free trade deal with the UK, the chief negotiator says. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Elisabeth Bowes has told a parliamentary inquiry ratifying the...[Read More]

Australia urged to help climate diplomacy

September 7, 2022

Australia must pull its weight in the Pacific and go harder on cutting emissions, according to international climate leaders. South Korea’s Ban Ki-moon, former secretary-general of the United Nations, told a forum in Canberra on Tuesday that...[Read More]

Energy change needs thousands of sparkies

August 24, 2022

Australia must train tens of thousands of new sparkies if it wants to be a renewable energy superpower, according to the Electrical Trades Union. The warning comes as Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen hosts a jobs summit in Canberra on...[Read More]

Aussie lithium miners top benchmark report

August 10, 2022

Australian lithium producers have topped the global rankings in a new assessment that ranks companies based on sustainability and fairness. Miners’ response to climate change, land management and gender balance in the board room are part of...[Read More]

Next PM urged to prioritise climate action

April 14, 2022

An alliance of emergency responders, diplomats, defence personnel and healthcare professionals is calling on Australia’s next government to urgently prioritise action on climate change. In an open letter to “the incoming prime...[Read More]