Using personal data without approval is the quickest way to lose a customer

Petrina Berry
(Australian Associated Press)

Consumers in Australia are attracted to retailers who are quick to answer questions and offer surprise freebies and discounts, research shows.

Using personal data without approval is the quickest way for a retailer to lose a customer, a survey by commerce software firm SAP Hybris also found.

The survey of 7,000 shoppers across Asia-Pacific, including 1,000 Australians, shows Aussies have the least tolerance for brands that waste time.

It’s information like this that can help local brands get on the front foot ahead of Amazon’s arrival, SAP Hybris head of business Stuart O’Neill says.

“Value is going to become even more important especially with entrants like Amazon into the market,” Mr O’Neill added.

“They have economies of scale and have the ability to deliver really well and really efficiently.”

The survey found 92 per cent of Australians expect brands to answer their questions within 24 hours, while almost half said they want a response within three hours.

If a shopper doesn’t get a response within 24 hours, they are likely to not return to that brand, Mr O’Neill said.

Surprise discounts and freebies are a hit, with 61 per cent saying they valued that in a brand, and more than three quarters of those surveyed said they would not use a brand again if their personal data was used without their permission.

Shares in several major retailers have come under pressure since Amazon confirmed in April that it will launch its full site in Australia.

Investors are worried that the online retail giant will take away market share and reduce profit margins of established rivals, in particular consumer electronic retailers like JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.


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