Top five Monopoly tips

07_Top five Monopoly tips

Ethan James
(Australian Associated Press)

Here’s the secret to winning in Monopoly: buy up big as soon as you can.

That’s the verdict from Brisbane’s Tony Shaw, the reigning Australian champion and fifth best player in the world.

The 27-year-old was at the launch of a Brisbane version of Monopoly on Tuesday, with the river city set to join the likes of Paris and London as a featured city on the iconic board game.

“I always played as a kid, it was always the game of choice at home,” Mr Shaw told AAP.

The Corinda resident beat a field of 26 at last year’s national championships before going on to the world titles in China.

He passed on some select tips, but said a lot also came down to luck.

“At the start, buy as many properties as you can,” he said.

“Once you get a set out of houses, mortgage your other properties and buy houses and hotels.”

Queenslanders can test their mettle when the Brisbane version of the game is released in November.

Residents can nominate local landmarks for the prestigious Mayfair and Park Lane positions via the Brisbane Monopoly Facebook page.

Voting closes on July 31.

Community Chest and Chance playing cards will also be Brisbane-themed.


1. Buy every property you land on – don’t be picky at the start, take what you can get.

2. Mortgage and build up big – once you get your first full street, mortgage your other properties and invest funds into buying houses and hotels.

3. Stay in jail – if the board is too dangerous, sit in jail and avoid the heat.

4. Shuffle your money – you’re supposed to keep it all on the table but you can keep some hidden notes.

5. Cross your fingers – there’s still an element of luck involved.


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