Salty taste in Aussie kids mouths

(Australian Associated Press)


Australian children are often consuming an entire day’s maximum recommended salt intake in just one meal.

A new report from The George Institute for Global Health, Vic Health and the Heart Foundation analysed the salt content in kids’ meals from four major fast food outlets and were shocked with the results.

They found that the salt content of fast foods like chicken nuggets in Australia could be more than twice as salty as similar meals in the UK.

Meals with fries were among the saltiest option.

Of the four outlets analysed, McDonald’s was the only chain that provided apple slices, yoghurt and cherry tomatoes as an alternative to hot chips.

Heart Foundation dietitian Sian Armstrong said while none of the meals were “healthy options”, it was concerning to see some contained more than an entire day’s worth of salt.

“An alarming 80 per cent of Aussie kids are eating too much salt – with most of it coming from processed food and fast food takeaways,” Ms Armstrong said.


* The highest salt children’s meal was Hungry Jack’s six-nugget kids pack which contained 108 per cent of a four- to eight-year-old’s recommended daily salt intake.

* The lowest salt children’s meal was the Subway Kid’s Pak Veggie Delight Minis Sub which contained 13 per cent of a four- to eight-year-old’s daily recommended salt intake

* There are huge variations in the same product at different outlets. A six-pack of chicken nuggets from KFC and Hungry Jack’s contained twice as much salt as the same thing from McDonald’s.

Source: The George Institute for Global Health.


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