Our web app (for your mobile device)

Phil Mason-Cox
(Keys FP)

As some of you are already aware our App no longer lives on the Apple App Store, instead, we have made it super easy for you.

You will no longer need to enter your username and password to download it, simply visit our NEWS page HERE (on your mobile device) and our logo will appear from the top of the screen and float to the bottom (as pictured).

If you haven’t already saved it, you will see a screen (as pictured) in this post.

Simply follow the instructions (as pictured), select the Up Arrow and then Add to Home Screen.

The KeysFP App will then be displayed proudly amongst your other Apps.

If you miss out out on doing this the first time, don’t worry, you will be asked again every fourth or fifth time you visit our news page.

We look forward to keeping you informed.



Phil, and the team at Keys FP




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