New Year’s resolutions could save $21K

07_New Year_s resolutions could save 21K_Dollars


(Australian Associated Press)

Most New Year’s resolutions fizzle out in the first few months, but those who stick to their guns in 2016 could save enough money to buy a new car.

Popular pledges like quitting smoking, eating healthier, and skipping your morning latte could all add up to more than $21,000 over the year, new research by financial comparison site shows.

Mozo director Kirsty Lamont says the biggest saving was on smoking.

“We all know cigarettes are terrible for your health, but they also hit your hip pocket, with a pack-a-day smoker burning through $9,000 each year,” she said.

Even your daily coffee habit could be setting you back $864 over the course a year, Ms Lamont said.

“Many Aussies waking up with a headache on New Year’s Day will be pledging to never drink again,” she said.

“We found that abstaining two nights a week could save $5,000 once the wine and late-night kebabs are accounted for.”

The common vow to cut out junk food can also save you thousands.

Swapping three takeaway dinners a week for a home-cooked meal will save $2,184, and you’ll keep an extra $576 by taking the leftovers to work three days a week rather than buying lunch out, the report found.

Trading your morning muffin for a muesli bar brought from home will save you $720 a year, while giving up the afternoon chocolate bar and having an apple instead will rake in an extra $528.

Finally, the survey found combining socialising with exercise could save you a whopping $2,309 a year, simply by swapping brunch for a walk or swim with friends and cancelling expensive memberships.


* Quit smoking: $9,125

* Ban boozey nights: $5,096

* Skip morning latte: $864

* Ditch junk food: $4,008

* Combine socialising with exercise: $2,309

* TOTAL: $21,402



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