Netflix uncovers what makes viewers click

02_Netflix uncovers what makes viewers click

(Australian Associated Press)

Netflix has shared their secret behind what compels an audience to watch a certain program.

The streaming giant’s global manger of creative services says it’s the website’s artwork that is the biggest influencer when it comes to choosing a show or movie.

“Broadly, we know that if you don’t capture a member’s attention within 90 seconds, that member will likely lose interest and move onto another activity,” Nick Nelson wrote in a post on the company’s blog.

“Knowing we have such a short time to capture interest, images become the most efficient and compelling way to help members discover the perfect title as quickly as possible.”

They learned this very important information after conducting consumer research last year, which found that 82 per cent of a viewer’s browsing time was spent looking at the imagery.

“We were surprised by how much impact an image had on a member finding great content, and how little time we had to capture their interest,” Nelson added.

The research also showed that members responded well to villainous characters in both the kids and action genres as well as images featuring less than three people.

Comedy-drama Orange Is The New Black allured a greater viewing base with a thumbnail that featured lead character Piper alone, as opposed to a group image.

But while characters and less crowded thumbnails overall perform best, Nelson did touch on the difference from country to country.

When it came to Sense8’s display image, Germany responded to a more abstract promotion while the UK and US clicked on two separate violent designs.

Netflix is the world’s leading internet television network and has over 81 million members in more than 190 countries.


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