Melbourne Fashion Week ditches ‘spring’

Benita Kolovos
(Australian Associated Press)

Melbourne is known to have four seasons in one day, and now the same can be said of its annual fashion week.

The City of Melbourne has dropped the word “spring” from its September fashion fixture, although spring racing and summer collections still feature on the new look program.

Australian designer Yeojin Bae has welcomed the name change, saying it reflects the industry shift to more trans-seasonal design.

“More fashion designers are shifting towards trans-seasonal collections, designing for the both the northern and southern hemispheres at the same time,” she said.

“I’ve still got florals and prints in my range, there is no change to the collection.

“The name change just allows for a greater focus on Melbourne and on Melbourne fashion.”

A diverse range of models and influencers were revealed as the faces of the event at its launch on Wednesday, including Australians Ajak Deng and Stefania Ferrario.

Sudan-born Deng has become a favourite on the runway for the likes of Lanvin and Louis Vuitton, while Ferrario has spearheaded the #droptheplus campaign calling on the modelling and fashion industries to scrap the ‘plus size’ label.

“I hope the term ‘plus size’ is eradicated because it is misleading and the average size woman in Australia is a 12 or 14,” Ferrario said.

Across seven days and nights Melbourne Fashion Week will host more than 150 events including many free to the public.

Last year 60,000 people attended and $8 million was injected into the city’s economy.

Melbourne Fashion Week will kick off from September 1.


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