Kids must know online risks: Palaszczuk

By Darren Cartwright

(Australian Associated Press)

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has implored parents and guardians to closely monitor what their children are accessing on the internet as police investigate a website featuring pictures of naked girls from up to 70 Australian schools.

Ms Palaszczuk told parliament she has been assured the website, which is hosted outside of Australia, does not contain any child exploitation material.

“We also need parents and caregivers to monitor what their children are doing in cyber space and ensure they are educated about society’s expectations, the law and possibly risks.”

She said police and schools can only do so much to warn of the dangers of online predators.

“Cyber safety is something the whole community needs to be aware of,” she said.

“Schools have a role to play in educating students and police have a role to play in enforcing the law, but police and schools can’t do it alone.”



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