AI use not the ‘Wild West’, company executives warned

May 31, 2023

More than two-thirds of Australian organisations have embraced artificial intelligence but many executives are largely ignorant of existing laws governing their use, according to a new report. Artificial intelligence is fast becoming an essential...[Read More]

What Happens to Gas Stations When the World Goes Electric? | Emily Grubert | [TED Talk Video]

May 31, 2023

  When the world goes fully electric, what happens to the cars, tools and livelihoods that rely on fossil fuels? Civil engineer and environmental sociologist Emily Grubert visualizes what a clean energy future will look like, outlining the...[Read More]

All systems go as space ag research program launches

May 24, 2023

Far above the earth satellite technology can help answer some important farming facts, from what weeds are present to whether a crop needs water or fertiliser. Soon that information will be available to farmers on a new platform called Maya Nula, to...[Read More]

Potential antidote found for lethal death cap mushrooms

May 17, 2023

Australian researchers have found a potential antidote for those poisoned by lethal death cap mushrooms. Death caps cause more than 90 per cent of mushroom-related fatalities worldwide, with the main toxin produced by the mushroom called...[Read More]

Business as usual budget ‘falls short’ on science, tech

May 10, 2023

Australia can be a clever and wealthy country if it sets a national research and development target and steps up science funding. The Tech Council of Australia said the 2023/24 federal budget takes important steps to address the big challenges...[Read More]

New hope for children fighting deadly brain cancer

May 10, 2023

A breakthrough discovery by Australian scientists is offering hope for children suffering from a rare and deadly brain tumour. Researchers studying immunotherapy for inoperable cancers at the Walter and Eliza Hall Medical Research Institute in...[Read More]

Tech breakthroughs and jobs pledged in quantum strategy

May 3, 2023

New medicines, better batteries and tougher cyber security are some of the benefits being touted from a national quantum technology strategy. The government is slating a $1 billion investment in supercomputing technology through the national...[Read More]

Discovery in fight against inflammation in severe COVID

May 3, 2023

Scientists are closer to preventing runaway inflammation in patients with severe COVID-19 following a study into how immune cells respond to the virus. The body’s immune response can snowball as it tries to eliminate the coronavirus that causes...[Read More]

Australia’s icebreaker set to return to duties

April 26, 2023

Australia’s $529 million Antarctic science and research vessel is set to return to duty after being put on ice for the best part of a year due to maintenance. The RSV Nuyina arrived in Hobart on Monday after repairs in Singapore to fix problems...[Read More]

‘Shape-shifting’ antibiotic gives hope in superbug war

April 19, 2023

Scientists have created a “shape-shifting” antibiotic using a new method which they hope can be used to better combat superbugs. University of Adelaide researchers teamed up with Professor John Moses from New York’s Cold Spring Harbor...[Read More]

Crackdown on ‘dark’ internet design on the cards

April 12, 2023

Dark web design tricks asking consumers to jump through multiple hoops to unsubscribe – a tactic often used by online streaming services – could soon be captured under tightened consumer laws. Assistant Minister for Competition Andrew Leigh says...[Read More]