Achieving a feeling of pride in retirement

Are you the employee who eagerly waits for retirement day or one who fears it because they are not prepared? While there is no blueprint for a happy retirement, some actions can help increase the chances of having an enjoyable life after retirement. For example, you...[Read More]

5 Ways to Live Your Best Life After Retirement

Have you ever thought about life after retirement? If you have, you most likely think about the best things in life: a happy family, good health and wealth. The only way to make this dream retirement a reality is to have the right retirement plan. Below are some tips...[Read More]

5 Things to do as you plan for the year ahead

People typically associate the new year with hope — a time for fulfilling plans, whether those are financial, personal or professional. The past year is finally over and you can now look forward to what the new year has in store. While it’s also possible things...[Read More]

ACCC probe to ensure savers get fair deal

The consumer watchdog has been asked to look into interest rates for savers amid concern banks aren’t offering their customers a fair deal. Treasurer Jim Chalmers urged the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to investigate the matter, noting savers should...[Read More]

Tips To Future-Proof Your Family Finances

If there’s anything people learned from the recessions and global crises of recent past, it’s that no one is immune to economic upheavals. Even middle to upper-class families are at the mercy of their finances when misfortune strikes. This can come in the form of...[Read More]

The fundamentals of financial responsibility

Financial responsibility refers to the practice of handling money and other assets in a way that is in your (as the owner of the assets) or your family’s best interest. Being financially responsible entails a certain level of proficiency in seeing beyond current...[Read More]

Most common financial mistakes

The 5 Most Common Financial Mistakes It’s easy to make mistakes with money, especially if you’re unaware of how dire the consequences of your actions could be. Here, we’ll look at some of the most common financial mistakes people commit that frequently result in...[Read More]

Teaching kids about money at every age

Teaching Kids About Money to Cultivate Good Financial Habits It’s every parent’s dream to secure their children’s future. Of course, not everyone has the wealth required to do this, and the next best thing you could do as a parent is to teach them how to budget...[Read More]

Why Should You Start Setting Financial Goals?

Saving a few dollars today can add up to a lot of money later on – cash that you can use to start investing, pay off your debt repayment, or save for retirement. But to ensure you have a clear direction and achieve what you want, you need to start setting financial...[Read More]

6 Tips on teaching your kids about investment

How to Teach Your Kids About Investment As a parent, you want what’s best for your children. This is why you teach them about cleanliness, health, nutrition, good behaviour, the value of education and so on. But how come very few parents take the time to teach their...[Read More]

Seven tax planning strategies for small business

Tried-and-Tested Tax Planning Strategies for Small Businesses Every dollar counts in business, especially for small enterprises. Therefore, you need to find ways to minimise your tax liability in addition to optimising income or profit. With a small business tax...[Read More]

PM reaffirms no change to tax cut policy

Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles has defended the Albanese government’s position on the stage three tax cuts, saying it hasn’t gone back on its promise. Mr Marles said while the government was openly discussing the pressures placed on the budget by...[Read More]

3 tips to retire comfortably

Whether you’re planning to retire soon or have another 10 years or so before you actually do, you want to be prepared when the time comes. After all, having enough money to live a happy, comfortable retirement is essential. But how much is enough? The Association of...[Read More]

Economy woes cloud tax cut ahead of budget

With a recession looming and rate hikes hurting hip pockets, a fight over tax cuts is escalating as Labor prepares to deliver its first budget in almost a decade. Government ministers have consistently stood by legislated stage-three tax cuts, which will largely...[Read More]

New crypto rules to protect consumers

Work on an Australian regulation regime for cryptocurrency is expected to step up next year. Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones said about one million Australians had invested in what he described as a “very opaque market”. “We need to be regulating in...[Read More]