A Journey to Health and Wellness

15 February

Focusing on a healthy nutrition is a universal concern that transcends geographical boundaries, including Australia. In a country known for its diverse landscapes and unique wildlife, maintaining good nutrition is essential for overall well-being....[Read More]

10 benefits of Yoga and Pilates for people of all ages

8 February

Yoga and Pilates offer numerous benefits for people of all ages, including those leading into and during retirement.   Improved Flexibility: Both Yoga and Pilates involve stretching exercises that can help improve flexibility. This is particularly...[Read More]

Cost issues still putting child care in the corner

31 January

The number of day care services is in decline and providers in some parts of Australia need financial backing, a new report shows. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission released its childcare report on Monday following an inquiry into...[Read More]

‘Like my lungs were squeezing’: youth front vape ads

31 January

Young people are front and centre in a new health campaign to reduce vaping, amid alarming rates of use. The campaign was developed in consultation with young people and medical experts and uses the voices of people aged 14 to 24 who have...[Read More]

Subsidy for new treatment of ‘national cancer’ melanoma

24 January

Australians paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for advanced melanoma treatment could soon see their costs slashed. Every year 20,000 Australians receive a melanoma diagnosis, and every six hours a patient will die from skin cancer. But...[Read More]

Measles alert after infectious baby returns from Asia

17 January

A baby who recently returned from overseas has triggered a health alert after moving through Sydney Airport and visiting a cafe while infected with measles. NSW Health raised the alarm after the nine-month-old was taken to locations in Sydney’s...[Read More]

Researchers a step closer to finding a diabetes cure

3 January

Researchers are a step closer to a cure for type one diabetes, with a Melbourne institute finding a way to rewire insulin production in sufferers. For people with type one diabetes, their immune system destroys pancreatic cells so they need to...[Read More]

Bite-sized goals the key to new year fitness targets

3 January

Australians vowing to transform from couch potato to elite athlete in 2024 have been warned to keep their fitness goals achievable or risk disappointment. Health and fitness ambitions are popular new year resolutions but are notoriously tough to...[Read More]

Cancer, cystic fibrosis treatments in new PBS listings

3 January

Medicines to help treat infants with cystic fibrosis along with new therapies for patients with advanced ovarian cancer will be subsidised under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Multiple new treatments were added to the scheme on January 1, which...[Read More]

‘The perfect gift’: thousands wanted in Xmas blood push

20 December

Thousands of blood donors are being urged to roll up their sleeves and give the gift of life over the Christmas period. An extra 830 donations per day are needed nationwide between Friday and the start of January to meet hospital demand, Australian...[Read More]

Festive cheer can bring stress for overwhelmed Aussies

20 December

Every year, Australians are bombarded with a sleigh-full of commercials showing well-behaved families sitting down to the ideal Christmas lunch. The fact not every family lives up to such expectations means more Australians feeling let down or...[Read More]