Aust Olympic uniform goes ‘Rio retro’

07_Aust Olympic uniform goes _Rio retro_

(Australian Associated Press)

Smart, chic and fresh.

That’s the verdict from athletes and fashion designers alike for the 2016 Australian Olympic uniform.

Designed by Sportscraft, Aussie athletes will don tailored green and white-striped blazers at the opening ceremony in Rio, with men wearing white shorts and women wearing skorts – shorts with a front panel resembling a skirt.

It will be the first time men slip on shorts instead of trousers for the opening ceremony.

The uniform, unveiled on Wednesday in Sydney, also includes a silk scarf for women and a gold knitted tie for men.

US-based company TOMS designed the white lace-up shoes.

Both beach volleyballer Taliqua Clancy and cyclist Kaarle McCulloch said they loved the predominantly green ensemble.

“I’ve been calling it the Rio retro look,” McCulloch said.

“It’s inspired from the 1924 Paris Olympic Games so there’s a bit of history involved.

“It’s a bit vintage and I particularly like the colour – I think the green is really beautiful.”

Fashion designer Peter Morrissey, who has created uniforms for Qantas and Woolworths, said the uniform was the best he’d seen in a long time.

“It’s a smart approach and it’s not too tricky,” Morrissey told AAP.

“It suits everyone which is good and it’s always good to base a uniform around a blazer.”

However Morrissey said the use of skorts was unnecessary.

“The design should be form follows function,” he said.

“That’s like having a fancy button or a fake pocket.

“I like a skirt and I like a short. I don’t understand why we have to have a skort.”

Reaction online has been mixed, with some loving the retro look and others poking fun at it.

“New Olympic uniform! I really like it, but man, those stripes are going to flare on tv!” Michelle Anderson wrote on Twitter.

“The Olympic uniform version of the mullet: business up top, party at the bottom,” tweeted Dan Watson.

Natalie (@nattalie222) said the athletes look “like a bunch of private school kids.”

In a special touch, the name of each athlete will also be inscribed inside the jacket, along with the names of all Australian Olympic gold medallists.

Australian Olympic Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller said the uniform was “fantastic” and its release was “a galvanising moment for the team”.


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