AHAlife launches gifting app globally

15_AHAlife launches gifting app globally

By Trevor Chappell
(Australian Associated Press)

Forgetting to buy someone a gift, and receiving a present that you don’t want need never happen again.

A new mobile phone app enabling gift selection and giving and receiving on the move has now been launched globally by online retailer of “unique” gifts AHAlife.

The gifting app was initially launched in the United States in November.

Through the app, users are reminded of a special occasion such as a loved one’s birthday and are asked to define the person by their interests: for example, foodie, fashionista or tech lover.

Gift ideas are suggested, the gift is selected and then sent to the recipient via a text message.

The recipient can “unwrap” the present online and choose to accept it or exchange it for something they want without the gift-giver knowing.

Once the recipient selects their gift, they are prompted to enter their address so the gift can be delivered.

AHAlife, which is listed on the Australian share market, says the app capitalises on the continued growth of mobile shopping and has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

AHAlife chief executive Shauna Mei said the initial success of the app showed that consumers wanted a simple, effective way of giving a gift.

“It opens up the global gifting market for us, worth more than $US200 billion in the US alone,” Ms Mei said on Wednesday.

“This added scale plus the more rapid conversion from user to paying customer should be a significant driver in further growth of our business.”

Shares in AHAlife dropped 1.5 cents to 55.5 cents.


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