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Phil Mason-Cox (Keys FP) As some of you are already aware our App no longer lives on the Apple App Store, instead, we have made it super easy for you. You will no longer need to enter your username and password to download it, simply visit our NEWS page HERE (on...[Read More]

Tips for meaningful Christmas experiences with family and friends

5 Tips for Meaningful Christmas Experiences With Family and Friends Christmas is a well-loved holiday people look forward to, but it’s also a time when there seem to be endless to-do lists, presents to buy, and parties to attend. In the end, most of us are left...[Read More]

Tips to save money this Christmas

5 Tips to Save Money This Christmas Christmas always brings with it a certain warmth and cheer, and yet these days, a lot of people are feeling the pinch financially. As Christmas approaches, people consider all the items they need to buy for friends and family....[Read More]

Financial management when we lose a loved one

Financial Management When a Loved One Dies Losing a loved one is probably one of the most stressful events one will ever go through in life. It will leave you feeling distraught and devastated, so sorting out their finances is the last thing you’d be concerned about....[Read More]

Most common financial mistakes

The 5 Most Common Financial Mistakes It’s easy to make mistakes with money, especially if you’re unaware of how dire the consequences of your actions could be. Here, we’ll look at some of the most common financial mistakes people commit that frequently result in...[Read More]

Teaching kids about money at every age

Teaching Kids About Money to Cultivate Good Financial Habits It’s every parent’s dream to secure their children’s future. Of course, not everyone has the wealth required to do this, and the next best thing you could do as a parent is to teach them how to budget...[Read More]

How Your Memory Works — and Why Forgetting Is Totally OK [TED Talk Video]

  Have you ever misplaced something you were just holding? Completely blanked on a famous actor’s name? Walked into a room and immediately forgot why? Neuroscientist Lisa Genova digs into two types of memory failures we regularly experience — and reassures us...[Read More]

Consumer sentiment lifts for third week

Consumer confidence has ticked up for the third week in a row but cost of living pressures mean sentiment is still below historical averages. The 1.8 per cent uplift in overall confidence as sampled by ANZ and Roy Morgan was led by a spike in the measurement of...[Read More]

Tax reforms flagged for housing crisis fix

The federal government is being urged to put negative gearing and capital gains tax discount reforms back on the agenda to ease Australia’s housing crisis. With his hometown of Hobart featuring the least affordable rents in the country, independent MP Andrew Wilkie...[Read More]

Monthly inflation falls to 6.9 per cent

The monthly consumer price index fell to 6.9 per cent in October after hitting 7.3 per cent the month before. Recently introduced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to supplement the main quarterly index, the monthly measure of price pressures remains high and well...[Read More]

Call to cap the ‘out-of-control’ gas market in Australia

Resources Minister Madeleine King says a cap on gas prices is an option, as the government seeks to finalise a policy to drive down energy bills. The Australian Council of Social Service says regulation of the market is needed to ease the “crushing” cost of living...[Read More]

Workplace law overhaul comes to a head

Laws aimed at getting wages moving are coming to a head with the government pledging to put upward pressure on pay packets as soon as possible. Trade Minister Don Farrell said workers would be in a much better position when new workplace laws pass, that would give them...[Read More]

Microba soars on ‘transformational’ deal

Shares in a small-cap gut-health diagnostic and treatment company have soared after a global lab testing and pathology company took a one-fifth stake. Sonic Healthcare is paying $17.8 million for a 19.99 per cent stake in Microba Life Sciences and is seeking an option...[Read More]

Five easy ways to increase your property value

Your home is more than simply a place to unwind; it’s also an investment. If you plan to sell your property someday, increasing its value now can help you get a better return on your investment. Most people believe that increasing the value of a home requires...[Read More]

Pensioners can earn more before Christmas

Age pensioners will be able to pick up extra shifts and earn some extra cash before Christmas without losing their benefits. New laws increase the amount they can earn by $4000 to $11,800 from December 1 until the end of 2023 before their pension starts to taper. It...[Read More]

More pressures shape ‘citizen consumers’

Most people have never heard of a circular economy but experts say it’s what Australia needs. A circular economy involves more than switching to renewable energy to cut carbon emissions or adding another bin with a different coloured lid to kerbside rubbish...[Read More]